November 10, 2004

Linux and MySql help Create New Community Website.

Anonymous Reader writes "Boston, MA Nov, 9 2004 - PlugStar, recently announced the launch of a new community-driven website, a free classified advertising service dedicated to making online promotion simple and effective. If you know how to use email, can be a productive way for individuals to make connections within their prospective communities. powered by a robust Linux and Mysql combination is not complicated in design nor does it require an abundance of help pages. Users simply enter their community page, choose a category, and fill out a submission form as if you were writing a classified ad for your local newspaper.

According to the siteâs founder Andrew Hillman, some have labeled PlugStar as another social software domain, but Andrew feels this opinion is far from the truth and identifies the site as a âsocial connectionâ service that can be organically grown and successfully embedded into society; serving as a more efficient community platform than your typical social software site.

âI have high hopes of being well received and becoming part of the mainstream culture so more people can benefit from this type of free service. We built the site for the people, now it's time for the people to create and develop their prospective communities. I believe the simple âconnectionâ concept through classifieds is an intricate way to define the perception of a community. People are going to visit and return to our site to fulfill everyday needs. Social software sites seem to be attracting the masses, but are more interested in virtual networking or chatting through impersonal mouse clicks. In contrast, is interested in bringing people together through personable handshakes of gratitude.â

Like Craigslist, PlugStar has the ability for users to compose and publish a âplugâ in a semi- anonymous manner, âIf a user chooses to post a plug online, our server has the ability to strip the userâs identity and assign them a temporary address that will provide a privacy buffer between the advertiser and the public.â is also looking to connect with local companies by providing a service similar to popular employment and career sites like (Nasdaq: MNST) and without the costly listing fees.

âWhen we began this project at the end of 2003, our focus was to create a geographic based promotional engine powered by our dedicated users, rather than algorithmic persuasion. is an electronic service controlled by practicality and community. The site is not backed by any venture capitalist. PlugStars users will be the ones contributing and determining the siteâs overall success.â is an easy to use bulletin board styled classified advertising site designed to connect individuals on a local level throughout the United States. People can buy, sell, trade and, or swap items such as tickets, cars, furniture, and musical instruments. Users can also obtain information on a wide variety of topics like real estate, dating, jobs and local events.

To discover how a simple âplugâ can help you make connections within your community, please visit your State on today!

Contact: Andrew Hillman"

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