Linux and Open Source: A Recipe for Innovation


Technology is like a good soufflé. The original recipe might be developed by an individual, but it changes and evolves as other people take the recipe and make it even better. And when you get the perfect combination of ingredients, it can be amazing.

That’s the idea behind the first-ever INDEX community event coming up February 20-22 in San Francisco, which will feature a keynote presentation from The Linux Foundation’s executive director, Jim Zemlin. Harnessing the power of shared innovation is crucial to remaining competitive in today’s markets, and Jim will discuss building sustainable open source projects to advance the next generation of modern computing.

There has never been a more pressing time to speed technology innovation. We are on the verge of an era of disruption, with artificial Intelligence and blockchain being just two examples of this. The INDEX developer conference features more than 100 sessions and keynotes exploring these and other technologies, and it provides a forum where developers can collaborate to build the perfect soufflé, er, solution.

Linux Foundation project communities will be interested in the free Open Community meetings taking place on February 20. Cloud Foundry, Hyperledger, architect and Node-RED (both hosted with the JS Foundation), Kubernetes (a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project), Node.js, OpenAPI Spec and R statistical language community members will each get together for half-day sessions. Registration for those is free.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and build with developers February 20-22 at INDEX.