April 12, 2006

Linux and Viruses Explained

oiaohm writes "Virus kit creators and true virus writers are not idiots. This is the first thing you have to come to grips with.

Attack and shut down Linux or Unix related servers most likely shut down a virus means of getting to another machine. Windows servers that makes up under 30 percent of the servers in The Internet. If all Windows Servers are shut down in The Internet. The Internet will still be operating. No point writing a virus if it stops itself from spreading. Common sense. So common sense would say do not attack Linux.

Next factor how much cash is required to place a effective anti-virus system on Linux or Unix related. ClamAV plus other third party software to provide real time scanning of all kinds of things for free thinking almost all the third party is open source. Man power is the only cost. Power to react to any attack exists.

Now why don't all Linux systems run anti-virus software.

This is where it gets strange. No need at this time. Filtering anti-virus software for Linux and Unix related can protect mail, browsing...Anything bar encrypted connections. Why no need. Linux and Unix related works on a $ to processor power equation running a anti-virus when not been paid for it and when not being attacked just makes the ratio worse. Anti-virus software requires processor power.

Lets say one day a Virus writers and Malware writers get stupid and attack Linux and Unix related. Viruses effecting Linux and Unix related. The filtering can become active across The Internet meaning Virus and Malware will have to get past server with the goal of stop them from making it threw the network. Could take way a large amounts of infections.

If the infection is not that effective. In the past it has caused anti-virus viruses appear and security patching viruses appear. Illegal in most places but effective.

What can Windows Users do without switching to Linux. Support ClamAV ports on windows. Open Source anti-virus that can be extended at will and if is developed for windows and will never disappear like free anti-virus software has a habit of doing. Hope windows is able to grow is server share if not it will get worse. Run anti-virus software. Push for all servers have to run anti-virus software to protect clients by law.

We are unlikely to see viruses targeted at Linux is a big way any time soon. Some people stupidly say X new prototype virus has appeared. Linux servers need a commercial anti-virus product. Sorry Linux has a better product than what you are offering for free. It called ClamAV. Now virus removal software for Linux would be something I would consider buying. All commercial software do charge server people on number of users and number of servers... To much cost will put the $ to processor power out to much.

ClamAV and ClamAV Third-Party Makes interesting reading."

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