September 29, 2004

Linux Bangalore 2004, expected to draw thousands

Frederick Noronha writes "Preparations are underway for the early-December 2004 event called Linux-Bangalore. It has been held for the past three years (since 2001) and has been drawing crowds of a few thousand each year.

This year, organisers are promising surprises too. See

For the first time, the event is being called "India's Premier Annual Free & Open Source Event".

Starting in 2004, the New Delhi-based publishers of LINUX FOR YOU magazine also launched their own Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Called LinuxAsia, the next event is to be held in mid-February 2005. See

Apart from that, the second-most populous country in the globe, which has over four dozen LUGs nationwide, doesn't have much in terms of nationwide events.

The nationwide network started by LUGs in the late 'nineties is called Linux-India and is at Some complaints came up here that taking part in national events in a sub-continent sized country makes it simply too difficult for those located, say, 2000 kms away."



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