October 18, 2006

Linux-Based Development Expands

Anonymous Reader writes "NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., October 18, 2006 – Symbio Technologies, an innovator in stateless computing, announced today that it is expanding its Linux development arm dedicated to the creation of stateless computing systems.

“We are seasoned Linux developers with a long tradition of contribution to open source projects and an ever-growing expertise in pushing the envelope to find better ways to deploy the operating system to fit our customers’ needs,” said Symbio Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Gideon Romm. A core developer of LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project), Romm has worked closely with leaders in the Linux community and values the operating system’s open source approach to computing.

Symbio Technologies is seeking both development proposals and developers for its expanded division. “We welcome proposals worldwide and will offer a finder’s fee to those ideas that we successfully develop. We are also looking to attract developers who, both figuratively and literally, think outside the box.” Romm continued.

Many of the company’s innovations are the result of requests for customized solutions from clients. For example, the stateless kiosk, a self-contained device that operates off a USB flash drive and was designed to meet the needs of a major museum, is a recent addition to the company’s product line.

“Concerns about security, the confidentiality of data, the environment, workstation replacement cycles, compliance, and the desire for simple, centralized administration have brought customers to our door,” said Romm. “We want to leverage our expertise in Linux-based solutions to create the next generation of products that will make networks more powerful, affordable, reliable, secure, and easier to install and maintain. Any development project that helps us achieve those goals is of interest to us.”

Development projects and resumes may be sent to Gideon Romm at ideas@symbio-technologies.com.

About Symbio Technologies (www.symbio-technologies.com)

Symbio Technologies is the leader in the development of stateless computing solutions. Since 2002, Symbio has introduced a variety of stateless products, ranging from diskless thin clients, powered by The Symbiont Boot Appliance, to media-rich kiosks. The Symbiont Boot Appliance is a thin client management and boot system that deploys a fully functional stateless desktop. Through a global Value Added Reseller (VAR) channel and strategic partnerships, Symbio’s stateless designs have improved the security, flexibility, and total cost of ownership for organizations worldwide and in a wide range of markets, including education, government, and financial institutions. Symbio Technologies is recognized throughout the world for its innovation of custom and off-the-shelf stateless solutions."

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