Linux-based inventory management and logistics package


Author: JT Smith

Steve McGough writes: “Lani Matzelle, Controller of South Atlantic Services (SAS), announced the installation of a state-of-the-art inventory management application. This will allow SAS to more effectively manage the packaging services they provide to over 20 different companies from 2 manufacturing locations in Wilmington, North Carolina and Houston, Texas. The initial application combines the acceptance of electronic order input via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with the management of inventory for all of their serviced companies. The system provides EDI confirmations and creates the required shipping document. This was all done using an Internet based application, which greatly reduced installation and operational costs.”

SAS has been in business since 1970. It started packaging Anti-freeze for Texaco and has grown to provide services to greater than 20 companies representing more than 100 different products ranging from railroad cars full of powder to small bottles of liquids. Keeping track of the diversity of inventory components has been a challenge as well as servicing the different transportation logistic requirements for the various companies. An Internet based EDI application was installed in 1999 by Internet Technologies Inc. (Inttek) with headquarters in Wilmington, NC. In September of 2001, SAS contracted with Inttek to develop an Internet based inventory application and integrate it with the EDI application. Development was completed last November and a parallel test was completed in January 2002. Due to the application’s powerful behind-the-scene functionality and its low implementation cost, Inttek has named its product “Inventory Wizard”.

Key objectives were to have a seamless migration from the old inventory system to the new application and to insulate the serviced companies from the normal conversion headaches. The application supports purchase orders, receipt of items, producing or blending the items into finished goods, shipping orders, and the creation of all shipping documents. Each serviced company can have a unique set of inventory items. Provisions can be made to project future inventory requirements. Reports are available to support all facets of the operation.

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