October 1, 2014

Linux-Based Kano Ships Its First 18,000 Learn-To-Code Computer Kits

Kano Computing, a startup that plays in the learn to code space by adding a step-by-step hand-holding layer atop the Raspberry Pi single-board microcomputer to make hacking around with code and learning about computational thinking childâs play, has shipped all the hardware kits in its first batch of crowdfunded orders and pre-orders...

âKano OS, our software stack, is really the jewel in the crown of Kano,â said Alex. âIâm really, really proud of what our team has been able to do. I would describe it as perhaps the most simple and intuitive Linux based operating system ever designed. And the fact that itâs been designed for a new and challenging platform like the Raspberry Pi I hope will get people excited. I hope people will try it out because itâs free and open source. Even if they donât buy a Kano they can just use it on any Raspberry Pi.â

Read more at TechCrunch.

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