January 21, 2015

Linux-Based Social Robot Jibo Fueled for Mass Production With $25.3 Million

Social robot startup and Indiegogo sensation Jibo Inc. has raised $25.3 million in a venture round to take its pint-size, voice-activated home companion to the masses.

The infusion comes just a few weeks after investors backed Rethink Robotics Inc. and highlights the latest in a string of artificial intelligence startups leveraging algorithms based on user preferences that deliver different results as the user evolves.

With Jibo, a pawn-shaped stationary bot that runs embedded Linux and stands just shy of one foot tall, the use cases are still developing. The $500 robot features two high-resolution cameras and a 360-degree microphone, enabling image recognition and the ability to personalize an experience based on the identity of a user along with voice recognition and control. Early cases featured on company videos include Jibo telling stories to children, taking pictures of families once everyone is smiling, and serving as a personal assistant by delivering messages and scheduling appointments.

Read more at Wall Street Journal.

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