February 13, 2001

Linux beefs up Omaha Steaks' online sales

Author: JT Smith

LinuxWorld.com has a story about Omaha Steak using Linux to bump up its online sales. "A three-tiered architecture (data on the back end, middleware to translate, and a Web server to present it) is one
reason Linux is becoming increasingly accepted in the corporate world. The architecture doesn't absolutely
require Linux, but it doesn't require anything else either. Each level of the architectural wedding cake is
conceived and executed as a separate modular system. Designers can mix and match operating systems instead
of having to use the same operating system in the front and middle layers that they use in the back end. That level
playing field opens the door for Linux to compete in the things it does best, such as price performance.

That's what happened at Omaha Steaks: an inexpensive Linux server won hands down over much more
expensive systems."


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