November 29, 2000

Linux for Biotechnology software collection

Author: JT Smith

The Random Factory is pleased to announce the availability of
the first release in our "Linux for Biotechnology" series.

"Linux for Biotechnology - Volume 1" includes over 1Gb of
Biotechnology related software, all precompiled for Linux (x86),
in easy to install RPM format. A range of state-of-the-art tools for
sequence analysis, molecular visualization and modelling, and
much more. Tasks which previously required high-end
scientific workstations, and expensive single-function commercial
software, can now be performed using commodity PC hardware
and "Linux for Biotechnology."

Full details and ordering information are available at the
Random Factory Web site

The Random Factory also produces the "Linux for Astronomy"
series, now in it's 4th release (a 2 cd set comprising V5/6).

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