April 25, 2004

The Linux Box Contest: Last Call...

Anonymous Reader writes "The Linux Box is preparing a Linux home desktop kit contest, and is looking for assistance from the FOSS community."The first phase will be a matter of running a poll for which GNU/Linux distribution to use for this contest. With GNU being a central concept, in other words no proprietary distros (i.e., Linspire, Xandros, etc.) and no proprietary software preinstalled (i.e., Flash, Opera, Star Office, etc). Based on initial suggestions we're looking at the following distros Fedora, Debian, Mandrake, SUSE, Gentoo, Knoppix, MEPIS. We need to make sure this is both stable and easy to install, in case the end user needs to do a reinstallation. If you want another distro to be given consideration please proceed to the forum NOW!

The next phase will be to create an appropriate logo. The logo should be submitted in a high resolution format such as *.png, *.xcf, or *.svg (the only real requirement is that the logo be viewable with open source applications). Ideally, the logo needs to be determined prior to any of the flyers or banner ads (so they can make use of the logo). The logo will be turned into case pins to be included with the final PC kit.

Link: thelinuxbox.org

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