May 17, 2004

The Linux Box Contest Phase I

Sean Parsons writes "The Linux Box has launched Phase I of a multiphase contest to create a Linux white box PC kit, complete with maketing material.

The Linux Box is proud to announce that we have officially launched our contest today. The Linux Box has been collecting input from the FOSS community on how to best conduct this competition, and here is a brief outline of how it will procede:

Phase I

This is the phase we are currently in. The Linux Box has collected a list of distributions, from our forum, to consider for basing the rest of the competition around. This list has been turned into a poll, and can be found here. We are asking all interested parties to vote for which distribution from that list will provide us with best basis.

If you need to know more about a specific distro in that list you may go here, and you will find links to the appropriate homepages for each distro.

There are several things that I would like voters to keep in mind, ease of use, simple package management, and simple installation....."


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