November 10, 2004

Linux as a brand

Chuck Talk writes "I sat down tonight to watch some innovative and thought-provoking programs on Public Television tonight and came across an idea being expressed called the "cult of branding". Basically, the program's central theme was that all advertising has become commodity and is being controlled by as few as six media agencies. This has sparked a significant drive toward agencies becoming highly competitive or facing absorption, duplication and decimation.

As I sat there and watched the brand identities go by - the Mac users, the Linux users, Saturn owners, iPod users, the VW Beetle, on and on, a strange thought raced passed my neural synapses. That thought was that for all of the attempts to brand Linux as somehow a "cult", we the users of that technology, should not be offended by such branding. Instead, we should feel that this branding has value. That is real economic value that some people are desperate to denigrate at any cost, because it represents an intrinsic value that advertising dollars simply cannot buy."


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