August 23, 2004

Linux Business Directory Adds 200+ more Categories

Alan Snyder writes "The Linux Business Directory, the free and open directory of Linux and Free Source / Open Source based businesses has added over 200 more categories for its member organizations to describe themselves with. These categories can also be searched by users and visitors looking for Linux/FOSS support, sales, and consulting organizations to better find the right people to work with.

The goal of these additions is to expand the depth and breadth of the organizations that can be categorized and searched in the directory and to better reflect new technologies and open source projects that have been popularized in recent months.

Joining TLBD is still completely free, as in beer, does not require a blood-sucking user id registration and password to submit your organization, and still comes with a whole bunch of free services like your own company/organization's wiki, free forum support, free press release services, free community blog, free events calendar, free FAQ's and links to other great Linux/FOSS resource sites and more."


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