April 21, 2004

"The Linux Business Directory" is Released

Alan A. Snyder writes "Deronyan Announces an Open Invitation to Linux and FOSS Businesses and Organizations, to Join its New Linux and Business Community Web Site, "The Linux Business Directory" (http://www.thelinuxbusinessdirectory.com).

The Linux Business Direcotry is an effort to help further the adoption of Linux and Free Source / Open Source software by addressing issues that exist at the organizational and logistical level. By bringing together both sides of the Linux business equation - suppliers and customers - we hope to provide a valuable community resource to enable decision-makers, managers, and IT staff alike to better understand "the big picture" when implementing Linux and FOSS software.

BEACON, NY (PRWEB) April 21, 2004 -- The Linux Business Directory is a publicly available, free to join resource dedicated to "Bringing Business to Linux". Currently, there are hordes of sites dedicated to addressing the "nitty gritty" issues of using Linux and FOSS software. For example, you can find out how to get your CD-ROM to work under Linux, or you can find out how to fix your graphics driver so that it supports high resolution. But, at an organizational, logistical, and managerial level, there are no sites dedicated to answering questions about how the pieces of the Linux puzzle will fit together, especially in an open manner.

At the heart of what the directory provides is a set of forums, and a categorized directory of Linux and FOSS based businesses and non-profit organizations that a manager, decision-maker, and even IT personnel can look through to find answers to problems concerning migration issues, integration questions, license compatibility, legacy application interoperability, and other high-level issues. The directory of businesses and organizations is categorized into 100 categories including breakdowns of geographic regions, specialization, and products and services offered, so a member can find a company or organization in the directory based on a number of different requirements.

The site also provides the ability for its members to post papers and solutions to problems that they have encountered and solved. In typical, community-supported fashion, we invite our members to provide any knowledge and resources they can to help out our other members.

We hereby invite corporate entities, individuals, non profit organizations, and public sector entities to join The Linux Business Directory and to be listed in our directory area free of charge. For corporate members, benefits include the ability to "make a good impression" on the rest of the community in an open and publicly viewable forum. Also, since the directory is used by potential customers and organizations looking for answers, it's a great place to interact with the community, make connections, and build trust with potential customers. For our non-corporate members, we hope to provide the most comprehensive and free set of resources for finding solutions to organizational issues that may be holding back Linux adoption.

We feel that this resource can be of great value to all members of the Linux and FOSS community and to businesses, especially SMB's (small and medium sized businesses) who would like to have their voices, talents and ideas heard in a useful and beneficial manner. We would like to also try to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers by bringing them together on this site, actively participating in eachothers ongoings, and to better the community as a whole by making these interactions available to everyone.

For additional information, contact: Alan Snyder, President and Founder, Deronyan, at pr@deronyan.com.

About Deronyan
Deronyan was founded in January of 2004 by Alan Snyder to further the much needed efforts to "Bring Business to Linux". The Linux Business Directory is the first of such efforts to accomplish this goal.

Contact Information:
Alan Snyder
President and Founder

Link: thelinuxbusinessdirectory.com

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