April 20, 2005

Linux: Can it be Marketed Successfully?

Letâs admit it, Linux is not perfect. In fact, no operating system is perfect. But since many Linux gurus and advocates regard Linux so highly and claim that itâs in utmost state of readiness for the masses, why is it that Linux isnât gaining any momentum in the industry? The fact is that itâs still a minuscule operating system that probably holds two percent of the total OS market. Quite frankly, the Linux community needs be proactive and go after a higher share of the market if they want major companies to adopt it. After all, why would a company waste its time and personnel resources on something that barely scratches the surface of their needs or is cumbersome to use? This is especially true with mid-sized corporations on strict budgets. The exceptions are companies like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and ATI that donât mind supporting the community for two reasons; number one being that they have more than enough resources to tackle even small user markets, and second, all four of the companies produce critical components that must work with Linux at a corporate and end-user level, so they basically have no choice but to support it.

Link: CoolTechZone

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