August 13, 2001

Linux for Chemistry now available

Author: JT Smith

Dave Mills writes, The Random Factory (Tucson AZ) is pleased to announce the latest
release in its series of scientific software for Linux compilations.

The Linux for Chemistry project (LfC) is dedicated to compiling the most comprehensive collection of Chemistry software, and making it available for the Linux operating system. LfC provides point-and-click installation, a complete on-line library of searchable documentation, and much more.

The packages on LfC represent the state-of-the-art in Chemistry data
processing, and are identical to the versions used on high end scientific workstations. The combination of ever decreasing hardware prices, and the superb Linux operating system, now makes it possible to use these same packages on a "standard" personal computer

The "Linux for Chemistry" cdrom is now shipping. It contains over
1Gb of Chemistry related applications, all pre-built and ready to run
on Linux (x86) systems.

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