July 12, 2002

Linux command-line primer for novices

ndeepak writes: "I have written a command-line primer for new users of Linux, so that they can stop shying away from the prompt.

Intended for:

  • Users new to Linux, who have never seen a shell-prompt before.
  • Users of Windows(R), who are familiar with DOS but not Linux.


  • Introduction to the bash shell, and miscellaneous things to know before you can start appreciating the shell and its commands.
  • The most important and basic commands, with examples. Arranged in a task-oriented order. I have left out all commands which an ordinary user does not need to know. Only the most important options are included.
  • Some advanced (but helpful) material. Covers find, grep and chmod commands, plus redirections and pipes.
  • Getting started with vi (Appendix). Editors and consoles are intimately related, so I have put in this small file.

Link: http://www.symonds.net/~deep/stuff/linux/
(There are some more Linux things there as well!)"

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