August 8, 2007

Linux on the common users PC is happening!

Tim Mullins writes "GNU/Linux based Open Source Operating Systems are right now and have been for a while ready to become the mainstream software of choice used daily by billions of people. As I see it we are currently on the verge of a major revolution in Personal Computers primarily in regards to the software everyone uses without thinking about it. Most people in business probably think I’m crazy for saying something like that, or at least that I could be one of those fanatic Free Software advocates. However, I assure you that I am neither of these things. I’ve been working in the IT industry for most of my adult life, and where I work we have to use Microsoft. The paradigm shift that is required here is that people think there is no other option but to use Microsoft and Adobe software in business, well in every company I have worked for so far anyway. Perhaps this is my cry for a job in a Linux related company, but alas this is my editorial on the way I see things in the world of computers today."



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