December 29, 2000

Linux companies among stock losers in 2000

Author: JT Smith

This Motley Fool article counts VA Linux and Red Hat as among the top stock losers in 2000. "It's been a particularly wild ride for Red Hat shareholders, given its 1,800% gain last year. Despite the software
company's reversal of market fortune, Red Hat has continued to grow revenue, which more than doubled in its most
recent quarter to $22.4 million. In addition, gross margin is improving and the company expects to reach profitability
next year.
Things haven't gone as well recently for VA Linux, which sells servers and other equipment with Linux software, and
which was clobbered after reducing its revenue and earnings forecasts in early November. The company's main
customers are Internet content distributors and Web-hosting outfits that VA Linux says cut back on their equipment
spending recently." (VA Linux owns NewsForge.)


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