February 6, 2004

Linux considered for GPS rival

One of the main contractors for the Galileo European satellite-navigation system has not ruled out the use of open-source software for
mission-critical systems.

Infrastructure for the European rival to the US military Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system could include systems based around open-source
software, including Linux, according to one of the project's main contractors.

In an exclusive interview with ZDNet UK, Pat Norris, UK business development manager for Logica CMG's Space and Defence Division, said that he
wouldn't rule out using open-source software in certain systems as part of the integrator's £5.2m contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to
build ground facilities for the Galileo navigation satellite programme.

Norris claimed his team would definitely consider using Linux for non-critical and non-real-time systems. "Certainly for the off-line systems, we will
look at Linux. But for real-time, there is talk of real-time Linux... I guess I don't know the answer, but we'll know at the end of our design
contract. Certainly I wouldn't rule-out open source," he said.

Link: news.zdnet.co. uk


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