Linux Containers vs. VMs: A Security Comparison


More vulnerable than virtual machines? In fact, containers have some security advantages. 

Developers love containers. They’re easy to use and fast to start. You can run a lot of them on even simple hardware. Startup overhead has always been a bane of development and testing, and this overhead only increases with microservices architectures. If a developer needs a half dozen services, he might easily waste a day or two with setup — configuring hardware, running installers, fighting incompatibilities.

With containers, that collapses to minutes or seconds and can be run on one development workstation. The readily available repositories of useful container images multiply developer productivity, much like open source does, but without the trouble of doing a build. Operations teams have been slower to adopt containers. One reason is that many applications they must support aren’t yet containerized. Another reason is a reluctance to move away from VMs.

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