October 11, 2001

Linux Counter is cleaning up its database

Author: JT Smith

We got this email from the folks at the Linux Counter: "If you registered yourself or your machine on the Liunx Counter
(http://counter.li.org), you need to check that your data is
uptodate. We have been quietly cleaning up entries, so there
not several entries with variant spellings and various
for cities and towns, and sending test emails to the oldest
entries. We've determined that ~99,000 - more than half of the
registered - aren't deliverable and these will be removed from
the Counter on the first of November."
Over the 7 years the Linux Counter has been online, the forms
have evolved to include more information, and many of those who
registered have moved to new ISPs.  If you registered more than
2 years ago, please login and check your data.  Pass the word
along!  And volunteer to help! 

We want to get this done before the Great Migration that should
be starting RealSoonNow(tm) ;-) 


Henry White
Country Manager, US 
Linux Counter - http://counter.li.org

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