October 27, 2003

Linux In The Data Center?

Linux moved deeper into data centers last week when Red Hat Inc. debuted a version of its operating system that sports features designed to improve
performance, reliability, and scalability. Enterprise Linux 3, now available for download from Red Hat Network, boasts better performance when running
applications with multiple threads operating at once. It also supports larger multiprocessor servers, memory, and input/output configurations.

Enterprise Linux's improved addressable memory should play a key role in the deployment of Adecco USA's next-generation database. The
employment-services firm is happy with Enterprise Linux 2.1 on its dozen 32-bit Web and app servers. "They're screaming like a motorcycle," says Joe
Pagliaccio, an Adecco IT director, "but you can't fit a lot of people on a motorcycle."

Link: informationweek.com


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