February 13, 2004

The Linux desktop is here

Linux distributions which target the desktop user are growing in number and if some bigger names have left the field there are plenty of smaller,
worthy successors to take their place.

Xandros has been one of the desktop players for some time, ever since it took over what was once Corel Linux, and put out version 1.0 of the Xandros
Desktop. Version 2.0 of its Deluxe Desktop confirms the promise it showed and provides a mature desktop ready for use at work or at play. Those
looking to make the switch need look no further.

Installing Xandros is painless; one boots from a CD and four clicks are all that are needed to complete the set-up. Xandros lives happily with any
version of the Windows operating system; NTFS partitions are recognised and set up for browsing without any user intervention. Those who have itchy
fingers can choose the custom option and tweak things as they wish. (Screenshots).

The Deluxe 2.0 version comes with two CDs - the install CD and an applications CD - and a manual written in plain English. The default desktop is a
pleasing shade of blue and there are a few icons present - links to connect to the Xandros Network to update existing software or install new
packages, browse one's own home directory, access a web browser or read a quickstart guide.

Link: smh.com.au

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