Linux Desktop News: Zorin OS 15 Gets New Touch Interface, Android Sync And Native Flatpak Support


One of the things I love about using Linux is how connected you feel to the community. That’s especially true when the actual creator and CEO of a Linux desktop OS reaches out and personally invites you to give it test drive. And after reading what’s in store for Zorin OS 15 (currently in beta), this one just climbed higher on my list of distributions to discover.

Zorin OS hit the Linux desktop scene about 10 years ago, and has since been marketed as a fast, more powerful and more secure alternative to macOSand Windows. It also bills itself as being versatile and easy to use. Let’s see how Zorin OS 15 will support that message.

For Android users, the new Zorin Connect app is a welcome sight. It’s been designed with deep desktop integration in mind, letting you connect and sync your Android phone and carry out a number of useful activities:

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