November 5, 2003

Linux is Desktop Ready

A lot of Linux advocates and detractors claim or still think that Linux isn't ready for the desktop. This may be the only thing these two camps have
in common, but I have to ask: Guys, what are you smoking?

Let's assume that these folks are thinking of Linux on the desktop as just running it. It's installed, boots, and has a nice Gnome or KDE GUI. This
would be how any self-respecting LUG member would leave a machine for a user at an installfest so let's start there.

This is exactly how my Linux box is everyday when my kids come home from school. "Dad, dad, can we play GNibbles?" Sure I tell them and leave them
alone for an hour until they leave to start playing with their toys. What did I do? I turned the box on and logged in (their spelling isn't at par to
remember my password). I didn't even tell them the game was there in the first place. They grabbed the mouse, intuitively clicked the little red hat
in the corner, read "Games", opened in up and off they went in Linux land.


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