November 9, 2001

Linux downloads at Lyris now #1

Author: JT Smith

"Lyris Technologies, Inc., developer of email
messaging and filtering software, announced today that downloads of its
applications for Linux have surpassed all other Unix-based versions combined.
Lyris core products include ListManager for opt-in email newsletters, and
MailShield for server-based protection against unsolicited email."

Since January 2001, Linux versions of Lyris software have grown from 40% to
more than 60% of the company?s Unix downloads, the balance of which are spread
between FreeBSD and two types of Solaris. ?The increasing demand for our
software on Linux is a real testament to the power of Linux, which we use
extensively in our own ListHosting service business, moving away from Solaris,?
said Lyris CEO John Buckman. ?As we discovered in our research written up
in Sys
Admin, Linux offers the highest performance for mail delivery.? Buckman?s
reference is to an article he co-authored in the June 2001 issue of Sys Admin
Magazine, ?Which OS is fastest for advanced network applications??

Lyris customers using Linux have also achieved significant business results.
UK-based Chinwag, an email and CRM consulting firm, takes advantage of Lyris
ListManager?s ability to handle custom programming extensions. ?We strive to
create the best possible experience for email list members,? said Sam Michel,
CEO of Chinwag. ?And we do that with Linux, which allows us to integrate custom
Java and Perl applications with Lyris ListManager.? Chinwag also runs a
successful list hosting business on Linux that delivers nearly six million
email messages per month. Since converting from Majordomo to ListManager,
Michel has seen an 80% decrease in administrative workload.

Lyris anticipates an even greater demand for Linux in the future. ?Sun-Oracle
has long been the enterprise solution, but we?ve had far more calls for Linux
this year,? commented Buckman. ?Because of that market shift, we?ve decided to
offer ListManager for Linux-Oracle.? Release of the Oracle version is scheduled
for December 2001. Lyris is also evaluating a version for Postgres, given a
growing interest in open-source databases.

More information about ListManager is available at

About Lyris Technologies, Inc.

Based in Berkeley, California, Lyris is a privately held company founded in
1994. Over 3,000 Lyris ListManager and Lyris MailShield licenses are in use
today, by customers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growing
startups. New products launched this year include ListManagerSQL for
database-driven mailings, and MailEngine for fast mail delivery and relay. For
more information, please contact (510) 549-4350 or visit

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