March 27, 2003

Linux Driver for Digigram Sound Cards Available

Dan Sousa writes "ALSA-type driver works with VX222, VXpocket v2, and VXpocket 440: Amsterdam (Mar. 25, 2003) Digigram, an innovator in digital audio network solutions, showcased at AES 2003 a Linux driver under open source licensing for its VX222, VXpocket v2, and VXpocket 440 sound cards. The driver follows the most advanced audio standard for Linux called ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture).

In November 2002, Digigram made available the source code of its Mac OS X drivers and driver interface documentation on the ALSA Project website ( Since then, the Linux community, managed by the ALSA driver developers of SuSE Linux AG, Germany, has developed a driver that takes advantage of the newest ALSA version 0.9.1.

The Linux ALSA driver development project, along with the introduction of Exaudi Platform, a development platform for integrated audio systems embedding Linux, demonstrates Digigrams commitment to enable high-quality, high-function audio at all levels: from embedded systems to enterprise networks; from portable computing to server or desktop applications.

"The importance of Linux to the pro audio industry will continue its rapid growth," said Digigram Managing Director Philippe Delacroix. "More and more enterprises and audio professionals will want access to their computer's low-level software in order to control applications entirely and to ensure robust operating environments."

Linux drivers for Digigram cards enable inexpensive Linux desktop systems with studio-quality audio, and robust, highly-capable portable solutions for audio logging, medical, and scientific applications."


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