October 23, 2003

Linux for E-Mail, Groupware

Suse, a Germany company specializing in software designed for the open source Linux operating system (a flavor of which the company also sells, for
$79) has announced the impending availability of the 4.1 version of its Linux Openexchange Server. The server, priced at $1,249 and including 10 user
licenses, will be available on November 17.

Linux is an open and cooperative operating system, meaning that many developers have contributed to it over the years and that it is available free
(in its basic form) or cheaply (in forms tweaked by vendors like IBM, RedHat, and HP). After buying Linux, a company or individual can go straight
into the code and make changes, something not normally possible with proprietary systems. As such, Linux is an alternative to the "closed" operating
systems -- e.g., Windows 2003 -- sold by Microsoft and others.

While Linux has its share of adopters and evangelists in both the enterprise and small- and medium-sized business (SMB) worlds, the system's vendors
are behind proprietary rivals in terms of spreading awareness about specific productivity applications. Suse hopes to do its part in changing that
with the new iteration of Openexchange Server, which handles e-mail, document, address, and project management, scheduling, a group-based discussion
forum, and more.

Link: line56.com


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