August 19, 2003

Linux eGov Database Project Announced

adelste writes
"85,000 State and Local Governments Ready for Linux. Dateline Dallas - Today, development team leaders announced the formation of a Linux project called "leopard" intended to help state and local governments easily deploy web services.

The project follows the success of several live Linux eGovernment applications including:

Hamilton County Register of

State of Rhode Island and
Providence Plantations

Rules and Regulations Database.

Dublin County Register of Deeds

State and County QuickFacts
U.S. Census Bureau.

"leopard" team members have based the project at Sourceforge joining the Database and PHP Foundries.

"Over 3500 counties of more than 85,000 local governments exist
in the United States and they each use approximately 30 database driven
business processes," a team spokesperson writes. "Our goals would allow
significant cost savings by eliminating nonstandards based sites. We
see no reason that government agencies should each build a separate web
site when they can download one from the Internet. A single standard
would cut the costs to taxpayers and constituents and allow for
information sharing which doesn't exist today."

Interested parties can find the project requirements and specifications at the team's Sourceforge Documentation area.

(Submitted by Tom Adelstein of Government Forge)"


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