March 6, 2002

Is the Linux file system suited to handle the large data files?

Author: JT Smith

"One of the easiest conclusions to draw is that the latest kernel update, 2.4.x , has been modified to be able to handle extremely large data files. This kernel is stated to be able to support files that are up to an amazing 16 TB. Interestingly, the EXT2 file system was only able to handle file sizes up to 2 GB with the 2.2 kernel. Total file system size was limited to 4 TB. With the 2.4 kernel, the EXT2 filesystem limit has been moved to 4 TB. This would indicate that a Linux 2.4 kernel with a supported EXT2 file system would meet our large data file need. Support for a large disk size is also included with the Linux 2.4 kernel. Up to 64 GB of total memory can be supported which will be necessary given the size of the data files."
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