July 29, 2003

Linux-First, Lindows.com Launches Commercial DVD Player for Desktop Linux Computers

Lindows.com, Inc. ( http://www.lindows.com )
today announced the immediate availability of Lindows DVD player, a DVD
playback solution ( http://www.lindows.com/dvd ) with a fully-licensed decoder that
allows commercial DVDs to be played easily and flawlessly on LindowsOS
computers. Under LindowsOS 4.0, ( http://www.lindows.com/40 ), DVDs are
automatically detected and launched by the Lindows DVD player, enhancing the
overall movie playback experience. Lindows.com DVD player plays CDs, DVDs,
and VCDs as well as multimedia files like AVI, MOV, WMV, and MP3 from local
disk drives, and video streamed over the Internet. Many of the common and
uncommon multimedia formats ( http://www.lindows.com/filetypes ) are supported.

Link: prnewswire.com

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