The Linux Foundation in 2019: Can’t-Miss Educational Programs, Events, and Training Opportunities Offer Something for Everyone


TL; DR: The Linux Foundation helps open-source communities accelerate technological development through a support system where they can share, learn, and collaborate. The nonprofit works to train the next generation of open-source developers while uniting their interests with those of corporate executives. With a comprehensive slate of events and a forward-thinking focus on the 5G revolution and emerging tech regions, the Linux Foundation is prepared to support open-source communities into 2019 and beyond. 

There’s a pervasive myth surrounding open-source software, and squashing it will unlock incredible opportunity, said Clyde Seepersad, General Manager, Training & Certification at the Linux Foundation.

“We have to let go of this strange, almost macho, idea that you’re a weakling in open-source if you have to be trained on it — that you’re supposed to figure it out yourself,” he said. “Open-source software is just like any other software: You learn it best if you’re actually taught it. If we expect our employees to magically figure it out on nights and weekends, we’re fooling ourselves.”

Clyde said Linux Foundation is maniacally focused on hands-on skills development. “We focus hard on activities and labs, and our courses don’t feature a lot of videos,” he said. “I get flack for that sometimes, but we’re here to teach you how to use software, not entertain you. It’s about rolling up your sleeves because the only way to learn is to do.”

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