December 4, 2014

Linux Foundation Adds New Leaders, New Events for 2015

Over the past couple of years, The Linux Foundation has emerged as a very influential organization overseeing not only directly Linux-related initiatives, but important technology efforts including building out "The Internet of Everything." This week, the foundation made a series of announcements, including the news that it is expanding its leadership team, and news about events that the foundation will sponsor in 2015. Here is more.

The foundation announced the addition of industry veterans Steve Westmoreland, Laura Kempke, Philip DesAutles and Russell Farnell to its leadership team.  The roles that the leaders will fill are as follows:

Philip DesAutels, Senior Director of IoT and Leader of the AllSeen Alliance

Laura Kempke, Vice President of Collaborative Projects Operations and Marketing

Russell Farnell, Vice President of Finance and Human Resources

Steve Westmoreland, Chief Information Officer



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