The Linux Foundation Awards 31 Open Source Training Scholarships


The Linux Foundation training (LiFT) program provides advanced open source training to existing and aspiring IT professionals from around the world who might not have the means for specialized training.

Since 2011, the Linux Foundation has awarded 106 training scholarships worth over $220,000. In 2018, we awarded 31 scholarships, our most ever. Scholarship recipients receive a Linux Foundation training course and certification exam at no cost. This year, The Linux Foundation awarded scholarships to 31 of the more than 900 applicants who vied to be selected in one of the nine categories offered. Two applicants were selected to receive a scholarship in each category with the exception of ‘Open Source Newbies’, in which 15 applicants were selected.  

“With the LiFT scholarship program, we strive to select a cohort of individuals that represent the future of software development and those who will utilize this opportunity to give back to not only the broader open source community, but also their local communities,” said Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. “Scholarship programs such as LiFT showcase the unlimited opportunities a single person can unlock for themselves and other aspiring developers when given access to do so.”

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