Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Talk: “Developing an Open Source Strategy — The First 90 Days”


“Open source culture” is something many of us who work with the open source community, either directly or indirectly, believe we have a handle on. There’s a general presumption that it should center around the concept of sharing ideas, and contribute to a broader ideal of building better software. But how should a business go through a transformative journey to an open source culture in 90 days?

At the forthcoming Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, Nithya A. Ruff, who directs the open source practice for CATV provider and content producer Comcast, will speak on the subject of building an open source culture within organizations in a 90-day time span. We spoke with Ruff about her upcoming talk.

When you join a company to build the OSS strategy, what are the factors that you consider first?

There really are three factors to look at. First, what business is the company in, and how can open source be an innovation driver in that business? Your open source strategy needs to align with the company business and software strategy, and not be separate.

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