The Linux Foundation Presents Results of Collaborative Development Study


The Linux Foundation has announced the release of its first “Collaborative Development Trends Report,” which presents the results of an invitation-only survey of nearly 700 software developers and business managers about their participation and investments in collaborative development practices. The complete report is now downloadable online, and is released in conjunction with The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Napa, Calif. The report shows strong growth for collaborative development projects and more investments made in them.

According to the announcement: 

“The rise of Linux and open source tools and components in the enterprise software industry over the past decade has been well documented. More recently, a new business model has emerged in which companies are joining together across industries to share development resources and build common open source code bases on which they can differentiate their own products and services. This collaborative approach is transforming industries from cloud computing and the datacenter, to automotive and mobile computing, and creating the next generation of technologies. The Linux kernel community pioneered this approach to software development and their success has helped to inspire the spread of collaborative methods to other industries and technologies.”


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