February 25, 2016

Linux Foundation's Emily Ratliff Among BusinessInsider's Most Powerful Engineers

no-15-linux-foundations-emily-ratliffHumanityâs engineering feats are really pretty astounding when you take a minute to think about them, and as February 21 â 27 is National Engineerâs Week, itâs a good time to ponder these wonders.  So itâs time for a shout-out to the women engineers with powerful careers who are leading important technologies at their companies or being pioneers in other ways... including:

No. 15: Linux Foundationâs Emily Ratliff

Emily Ratliff is the senior director of security for the Linux Foundation and is known in the Linux world as âa serious bad ass,â those close to her tell us. 

Sheâs helping the open-source world avoid huge security problems like the kind that led to the Heartbleed hole.

And sheâs leading the Linux Foundationâs major âCore Infrastructure Initiative,â which does security reviews for some of the most important software in the world.  

Check out Emily Ratliff's recent article: 7 Things to Consider Before Fuzzing a Large Open Source Project 

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