December 10, 2003

Linux Gaining Support In Embedded Systems

Vendors such as Wind River Systems are scrambling to support Linux for devices ranging from cell phones to airplane navigation gear.

Linux is making sufficient inroads into the embedded systems market to send vendors scrambling. The latest example was Wind River Systems, which
experts say has 30 percent of the market for the tiny operating systems that run millions of devices ranging from cellular phones to airplane
navigation gear.

The Alameda, Calif., vendor this week said it extended its professional services division to help customers deploy Linux, either alone or with the
company's own competing operating system, VxWorks. The announcement came only a week after Wind River said it had joined two prominent open-source
groups, which analysts interpreted as, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Linux is a good fit for embedded systems, in part because 40-50 percent of the systems in use today are built in-house by equipment manufacturers,
according to market research firm Venture Development Corp.



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