Linux gamers’ HOWTO


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

“The same questions get asked repeatedly on Linux related mailing lists and news groups. Many of them arise because people don’t know as much as they
should about how things “work” on Linux, at least, as far as games go. Gaming can be a tough pursuit; it requires knowledge from an incredibly vast
range of topics from compilers to libraries to system administration to networking to XFree86 administration … you get the picture. Every aspect of
your computer plays a role in gaming. It’s a demanding topic, but this fact is shadowed by the primary goal of gaming: to have fun and blow off some
steam.”This document is a stepping stone to get the most common problems resolved and to give people the knowledge to begin thinking intelligently about what
is going on with their games. Just as with anything else on Linux, you need to know a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes with your
system to be able to keep your games healthy or to diagnose and fix them when they’re not.”