June 8, 2008

Linux gamers: We need your help!

Author: Linux.com Staff

We've written about games for Linux many times over the years. Now we want to do something different. We hope to sponsor a Linux game tournament, but we need your input before we start nailing down the details. Rather than make an ill-informed, arbitrary decision on what game to use in the tournament, we want to get your opinions.

We think the ideal game for this tournament would be one that:

  • Easily lends itself to multiple rounds of tournament-bracket play
  • Allows rounds to be completed in a half hour or less
  • Provides the ability to limit play to Linux platforms only; even if there's a version for another operating system, we don't want people using it for this tournament
  • Most importantly, is a fun, kick-ass game to play!

If you're a Linux gamer who can help us with advice, please add a comment below. In addition to selecting the game, we would also appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on other aspects of the tournament: registration, scheduling, scoring, moderation, and so forth. You might also suggest where and when we hold the event. We want this to be the best Linux game tournament possible, and we can't accomplish that without your help.


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