November 23, 2003, the place to go for Linux gamers

GlaDiaC writes: Soon after its first appearance struggled with some hardware problems and had to be taken offline. Now the has found a new host and sponsor for the page and continues to form a home for linux gamers and those who want to give gaming on linux a try.We are an active community that offers clan activites for common games running on linux or bsd systems (that also includes games running in wine or winex). Our long time goal is to make gaming on linux as popular as it is on other well known platforms.

Besides we offer forums and irc channels to discuss and solve problems related to linux-games or linux itself. We can give useful information where to start using linux as a gaming plattform, how to change from other common operating systems to linux and point out where difficulties may be.

Recently two new projects have started and are now hosted by us: The first (LINA) is a project, that is developing a free and open source football (soccer) manager. The second concernes the developing of modules for xoops, including our team module. always seeks for new people to support these activities and players, that join the clans. We are going to enhance our clan activities as the number of members grows. All people are welcome, whether they are using linux intensely or whether they are just interested in it.

For more detailed information visit our homepage or visit us in irc @ quakenet.



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