December 24, 2001

Linux gifts for Christmas

Author: JT Smith

Why not give Linux as a Christmas gift? MozillaQuest Magazine ( suggests you do: "Are you looking for a neat and very useful computer related gift for someone on your Christmas or Holiday gift list -- or a gift for any occasion for that matter? Consider making that gift Linux. If you think about it, Linux is a great gift idea. Linux has come a long way over the past few years. Some Linux packages (distributions) now are fairly easy to install and to use. There is lots of software for Linux and it´s likely that you can do everything you want to do computer-wise with Linux. All in all, Linux now is a decent alternative . . . to Microsoft (MS) Windows. A gift of the Linux operating system (OS) could just be the best gift of all -- computer-wise. With all the free software that comes with many Linux distributions, plus all the additional free software and free upgrades that are so easily downloadable, Linux is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving." Check out this story for details.


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