July 23, 2004

Linux in Government: How to Misunderstand the Enterprise Linux Desktop

GNU/Linux and open-source software have matured and attained significant popularity within the enterprise space. GNU/Linux already has made a showing of dominance based on empirical indicators. For example, the Netcraft Web Server Surveys shows the Apache server as having an installed share of 67% to 71%. Apache has become the default Web server for Linux. The Linux desktop also receives consideration for enterprise deployment. Anchored by cross-platform productivity suites, such as OpenOffice.org, StarOffice and the Mozilla FireFox browser, Linux has gained acceptance in numerous heterogeneous environments.

One measure of enterprise acceptance achieved by Linux is its place among the elite operating systems produced by IBM, HP, Sun, SGI, Microsoft and Sony. In addition, two Linux enterprise distributions recently achieved the coveted status of Common Criteria Certification. This certification offers governments a high level of confidence in using Linux (see Table 1).

Link: Linux Journal

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