Linux Guide: How To Easily Create A Bootable Live USB Using Ubuntu


I’ve been writing frequently about Ubuntu and have come across a bunch of people who’ve dipped their toes into Linux desktop waters as a result. Perhaps they referenced this guide to create a bootable Live USB on Windows, allowing them to test drive something like Ubuntu without making any changes to their PC. But let’s say you’re using Ubuntu now. What’s the procedure for doing the same thing? You could follow that guide’s same steps and download Etcher or UNetbootin, but Ubuntu makes it ridiculously simple utilizing a built-in tool.

  • The Scenario: You want to try another flavor of Ubuntu (like Ubuntu Studio or Ubuntu Budgie) or another Linux distribution altogether.
  • The Solution: Download the ISO of your choice and use Ubuntu’s “Startup Disk Creator” to burn it to a USB stick. And you’re done!

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