January 29, 2004

Linux guidelines get an upgrade

Open-source software proponent Free Standards Group said Thursday that it has released version 2.0 of its Linux development guidelines to the public.

The software blueprint, dubbed Linux Standard Base, seeks to standardize how some aspects of Linux work, with the goal of making it easier for
software makers to create programs that run on different companies' versions of the open-source operating system. Software developers already working
on LSB-certified Linux products include Red Hat, SuSE Linux, MandrakeSoft, Conectiva, ThizLinux Laboratory, Sun Wah Linux, Turbolinux and Progeny.

The Free Standards Group contends that by helping software makers cut down on the amount of time they spend dealing with incompatible versions of
Linux, it can push developers to focus on building new features and functionality into applications more quickly. LSB also aims to aid software makers
in lowering their development costs. The nonprofit organization said that LSB 2.0 would be available for public review over the next 30 days via its
Web site.

Link: zdnet.com


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