December 8, 2003

Linux guru: Move quickly to new kernel

The programmer in charge of the current version, 2.4, of the heart of Linux plans to quickly curtail the addition of new features in order to
encourage a swift move to the upcoming 2.6 kernel, a decision that has irked some programmers.

Marcelo Tosatti, the deputy that Linux leader Linus Torvalds appointed to maintain the 2.4 Linux kernel, said in a posting to the Linux Kernel Mailing
List this week that the follow-on 2.6 kernel is mature enough that it should be the foundation of new projects.

Tosatti will accept some significant changes and some support for selected new hardware in version 2.4.24, now under development. But versions 2.4.25
and beyond will be released only to fix security problems or other critical issues, he said.



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