February 21, 2008

Linux Hardware Compatibility Sites: Does anyone do it right?

One almost unavoidable problem with using an operating system that is not used by the majority of people is compatibility, specifically hardware compatibility. While Linux supports an amazing number of devices out of the box and chances are if you put Linux on any random computer it will, for the most part, work, there are still many cases where having information about hardware compatibility can be useful. For example, suppose you are having trouble with a particular component and want to know if others have made it work or suppose you are buying a new part for your PC. This is where numerous sites that aim to provide information on the compatibility of hardware come in. Unfortunately, despite the large number of these sites, I often find that these sites are often not very useful. In this article I will define what a good site must have and look at a number of sites to see if they meet these standards.

Link: linuxloop.com


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