January 20, 2004

Linux is hot, utility computing is not

Reg Reader Studies Linux and mobile technologies are hot while grid and utility computing models are not. Theres still no sign of a killer app and
Microsoft is consolidating its position as a leader in the Web collaboration market.

These are among the main finding of an IT trends survey of Register readers published this week.

QNB Intelligence surveyed 2,212 Register readers on the state of play in the IT industry and their perspective on the future.

"The majority of respondents were not ivory tower theorists, highly analytical strategists or 40,000 ft executives, but practitioners and managers
working at the 'Sharp End'", commented QNB Intelligence.

Tux on the desktop and other animals

Previous QNB Research has suggested that senior IT managers largely have "limited enthusiasm" for Linux, regarding it as yet another operating system
among an already complex platform mix. However theres a far more positive view of Linux and Open Source at the sharp end, with more than three in five
of those quizzed by QNB Research seeing it as a technology that really matters in their environments.

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